ng could be higher, as local res

center of Brumadinho.The town center of Brumadinho has been evacuated by local▓ authorities, since the river often overflows when it rains heavily.State authorities decided to suspend the collection of water from the Paraopeba River▓ as a precaution, though Vale said there is a minimum chance of contamination.Brazil's National Water Agency (ANA) said earlier in a statement that the ▓muddy waste going down the Paraopeba River is▓ expected to reach the dam of the Retiro Baixo▓ hydroelectric power plant, located 220 km from Brumadinho, in two days.The Brazilian government has announced th▓e formation of a crisis committee to deal with the


ronmental disaster caused by the dam collaps▓e.Minas Gerais state Governor Romeu Zema and Environment Minister Ricardo Salles are already at the site. President Jair Bolsonaro is expected to head to Brumadinho Saturday morning.Bolsona▓ro said earlier in the day that h

e will examine the situati▓on to decide on the action

idents may be

  • s the government will take to mi

    nimize the impact of the disaster and provide assistance to those affected.He also sai▓d in an interview with l

  • ocal media that "someth▓ing was

    being done in a wrong manner through the years."Bolsonaro said that a similar accident in Mariana, which is also

  • in Minas Gerais state, sh▓oul

    d have served as a warning.In November 2015, a tailings dam collapsed in Mariana, killing 19 peop▓le and causing

affected by the incident,

substantial environmental and econom▓ic damage. It

was considered the worst environmental disaster in the Brazilian history.Schvartsman, who took over as Vale's CEO nearly two years ago, said that there would be no other incident like that in Mariana and that the environmental impact from the Brumadinho case will likely be smalle▓r, as the amount of mud leaked this time was significantly lower.He admitted, thou

gh, that the human losses will be much higher, as th

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